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Welcome to FoodWiki!

The mission of FoodWiki is to help people map out and explore new food spaces. Through this mission, we hope to enable people to both enjoy food more and live healthier, fuller lives.

The FoodWiki site is a wiki-style data repository to capture and analyze food related information of all kinds. Currently the database contains detailed nutritional information from the USDA nutrient database (sr22), Danish food database, and annotation information from LanguaL.

Using this repository, we've developed vProtein, a computational tool for exploring how plant-based foods can be used as sources of protein. We've published a scientific paper about vProtein and issued a press release that includes some recipes you can try.

Future plans include annotating recipes, food attributes, flavor comparisons, and other food based information. If you have ideas or requests for features, please leave us a comment or email us.

For a guided tour of the features we have online now, please see the overview.

Explore, eat, and enjoy!